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Powered by the latest advancements in artificial intelligence, Quizizz is here to help you create faster, adapt quicker, and differentiate with ease. With Quizizz AI, your very own personalized teaching assistant, you can effortlessly adapt and customize your activities, ensuring accessibility, relevance, and fun for all students.

With Quizizz AI Enhance, you can:

  • Make quizzes and assignments more accessible for all students by automatically fixing spelling mistakes, simplifying questions, or translating into another language
  • Convert a question to a different question type to make a question more engaging and fun
  • Keep the learning experience both relevant and fun by converting questions to real-world scenarios or adding a creative edge to your quizzes
  • Give a custom prompt to the AI tool and unlock as many enhancements as per your and your students' requirements

Where to find it

To enhance an existing quiz in your Library or the Quizizz Library, you will find the ‘✨AI Enhance’ button right at the top on the Quiz card. To enhance only certain questions, use the ‘✨Enhance with AI’ button on each question when you hover over it.


To enhance a quiz you’re still editing, use the 'Quizziz AI Quick Actions' section on the right-hand side. To enhance and customize questions individually, you’ll find the AI Enhance () button on each question. 

How to enhance a quiz or a question

Once you click on the 'Enhance' button, a list of prompts will appear. You have the option to choose from these prompts or directly instruct Quizizz AI to make specific adjustments to your quiz questions.

To edit an entire Quiz you have a variety of options to choose from. For example, you can convert the content of your quiz to real-world scenarios to remind students that Math can indeed be useful in real life! You can add a theme to your quiz, translate it to another language, or give a custom prompt to the AI!


To enhance a specific question, you have similar options available: 

  • Convert it to another question type or reduce the number of answer options
  • Fix Grammatical Errors
  • Replace it with a similar question
  • Convert it to a real-life scenario
  • Add answer explanation
  • Translate to any other language

Saving and reviewing

Once you’ve picked your chosen enhancement, make sure to review the changes to see if they match what you’re looking for. If you’re happy with the AI-enhanced content, click on ‘Save Changes’ or ‘Apply changes’.

Finally, hit 'Publish' to save your quiz and then host it or assign it as homework.

Happy enhancing!

  • Saving changes: If the Quiz is something you already own, it will only update your quiz. If the quiz belongs to someone else, a new edited version of this quiz will be created that will then belong to you!
  • Review your changes: Quizizz AI is still in its beta stage. While it's designed to enhance your quizzes, we recommend reviewing the changes made to ensure accuracy and eliminate any unintended biases from the content.
  • Privacy and Security Notice: Quizizz is committed to safeguarding your privacy and security. Quizizz AI does not access any personal information of teachers or students. Your data protection remains our utmost priority as you harness the power of AI for education.

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