Clever x Quizizz SSO Integration: an Overview

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You can access and log into Quizizz in several ways. One of them is through Single Sign-On (SSO) authentication with Clever. 

SSO authentication with Clever is available for all Quizizz users and enables you to access our platform using just your Clever login credentials. It simplifies the process of signing in for both teachers and students. 

Additionally, it streamlines account management processes for district administrators. This is because Clever SSO can be integrated for all users within a district in one go

Benefits of SSO Authentication 

For Teachers and Administrators 

  • Extra layer of security: With SSO, you can grant access to only those users whom you have already authorized. This offers a safer avenue for managing permissions. 
  • Greater centralized control: Any changes made by administrators to the accounts of teachers and students will reflect automatically on Quizizz. There is no need to update these details separately. 
  • Uniform workflow: Signing in with SSO creates a consistent login experience for all users, including any new members that may have been brought on board. 

For Students

  • Convenience: With SSO authentication, students will not have to remember multiple passwords and account details. This saves both time and effort on their part. 
  • Ease of usage: Students will not have to create a fresh account to use Quizizz. This is especially beneficial for young learners as they will not have to navigate sign-up processes that might be too complex for them. 

Clever SSO on Quizizz 

Refer to the links below to learn how Clever SSO can be integrated by district admins or teachers. You can also refer to these links to find out how teachers and students can access Quizizz via Clever SSO. 


  1. Quizizz now offers rostering via Clever for School and District partners. If you would like to request access to this feature, please complete this form
  2. Apart from Clever, Quizizz also offers SSO authentication with ClassLink, Google, Microsoft, and Apple.

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