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    Belinda Gay

    I’ve tried to set the adaptive question bank but it hasn’t worked. If you have a 30 questions quiz and students can attempt quiz 1 time. I can’t get the right amount of questions for the adaptive bank-if I choose 2 the students only see 2 question quiz and it’s supposed to be a 30 question. Thank you

  • Comment author

    Hi Belinda, 

    Thank you for reaching out to us. With Adaptive Question Bank mode, you can set the number of questions that students get to see each time they attempt a quiz. So, when you set this number as '2', students will only get to see 2 out of 30 questions.

    To learn more about Adaptive Question Banks, click here:

    If you'd like your students to be able to see all 30 questions but in an order that is different for everyone, we'd recommend using the 'shuffle questions' setting instead of Adaptive Question Bank mode. You can learn more about this setting here:

    We hope this helps! 


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