Can a student attempt an assigned homework quiz multiple times?

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Your students can attempt an assigned homework quiz more than once if you'd like them to. Here's how you can permit multiple attempts or limit the number of times your student plays an assigned homework quiz.

Once you've chosen a quiz and assigned it as homework, with a specific deadline, hop over to advanced settings to toggle the number of attempts for the quiz. It's the first option under General Settings so you won't miss noticing it. 

Resuming an assigned homework game:

Students can choose to resume an incomplete assigned homework quiz. Every time a student uses the same name to resume a game they started elsewhere, they get the following prompt.


Replaying an assigned homework game:

Students can also replay assigned games if they wish to do so. A student replaying the same game with the same name will have an asterisk (*) appended to their name when they rejoin. 

So “Jane Doe” can play again as “Jane Doe*”, and again as “Jane Doe**” (you get the drift).


You can view all attempts made by a student for an assigned homework game by heading to the Reports tab. The score under each name variant (every single time Jane Doe attempted the game) is stored in its quiz report.

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