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Yes! You can add any video from YouTube and upload a video from your Google Drive to a question using the quiz editor.

To add a video, edit the question and click the video icon from the editor. 


To Add a YouTube video

You can either search for a video using the search bar or paste the YouTube video URL and click the Save button.


To Upload from Google Drive or One Drive

  1. Click on the video icon to insert a video.
  2.  You can either import a video from your Google Drive/One Drive or upload it to Google Drive/One Drive, and then choose it to be played on the Quizizz quiz editor
  3. Once your Google Drive/One Drive and Quizizz are linked, you can select a video to insert as a question in the Quizizz quiz editor

  1. In case you do not have permission to upload a video from Google Drive/One Drive, request the owner of the video file to make it public so that you can add it to your quiz 
  2. Supported video formats are .mp4 and .ogg
  3. Videos should be less than 100 MB 

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