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Quizizz encourages all teachers and students to access its content in all languages of the world. 

Presently Quizizz (the website, app and the contents: publicly available quizzes, memes, instructions, etc) are available in English, Spanish, French, Indonesian, Dutch, Polish and Russian. Other languages will be integrated soon. Look out for an announcement about this 
feature on social media.  

The Quizizz Smart Language Identifier is now enabled for all users and this feature automatically detects your browser’s language. The default meme sets and quizzes are translated into your browser’s language, by default. 

In case you want to customize your language preferences, click on the Settings button on the left navigation pane on the landing page.

In case a student wants to switch their language settings during a quiz, they can click the gear icon on the extreme top left corner and choose the language of their choice, under Language.



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