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Integrate Quizizz with Google Classroom to drive maximum classroom engagement along with automatic updates to grades, reports, and quizzes. 

Starting from August 2022, some functionalities of the Google Classroom integration are only available to users on a School or District plan. Click on the drop-down menu below to view more details. 

  1. Functionality

    Quizizz Basic, Super Plan

    Quizizz School & District Plan

    Assigning activities through Google Classroom

    Automatic syncing of your class lists from Google Classroom to Quizizz

    Accessing your student rosters
    (Viewing student details in your Google Classroom(s) on Quizizz) 


    Automatic syncing of grades from Quizizz to Google Classroom 


    Adding a custom grade while assigning an activity 


    Tracking individual and class performance data over a period of time


To integrate Quizizz with Google Classroom, follow these steps:


  • Have an active Quizizz account
  • Create a class on Google Classroom
  1. On Quizizz, click on 'Classes' on the left navigation pane
  2. Click on the Google Classroom button under the ‘or import existing via’ phrase
  3. Select the account that has to be synced with Google Classroom. Usually, this is your professional account linked with a school/ college/ district

  4. You can select the option that requires students to share the parent's/ guardian's email address for sharing reports of live quizzes or assignments

You have now successfully integrated Google Classroom with Quizizz! 

  1. To check the student roster of a particular class, click on a class under ‘My classes’
  2. You can see the individual student roster details (along with the option to add the parent's/ guardian's email address) if you click on the 3 dots at the end of every rowScreenshot_2021-09-23_at_5.31.22_PM.png
  3. You also have the option to remove a particular student from a class. 

All actions on Quizizz trigger the same action on the Google Classroom application.
You do not have to repeat any of the above steps.  

Note: Your LMS is updated when new classes are added. You will need to access them via Quizizz classes. Click on 'Refresh Roster' to import a new class. You will need to archive old/inactive classes on Quizizz. 

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