How do I make my quiz public/private?

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  1. Log in to your Quizizz account. 
  2. Under My Library,  go to the quiz you want to make public/private.Screenshot_2021-08-04_at_3.35.04_PM.png
  3. Once you've selected the quiz, click the Edit button as shown below 


  4. Clicking edit will open up the quiz editor. The Public button with the eye, will show you whether your quiz is public. The button will say Private if your quiz is on the private setting.Screenshot_2021-08-04_at_3.40.39_PM.png
  5. Clicking the button will lead you to the pop up shown below. Under Who can see this quiz? you can change the settings to Private, or vice versa. Click the Save button to update your changes ezgif-2-42a9038a9fda.gif
    The advance options under that modal allow you to share the quiz with certain collaborators. Read our article on how to share a quiz here
  6. Click the Publish button to save changes. 

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