What’s the Activity Storage Limit in My Library?

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Starting 16th August 2023, as a user on the basic plan, you can store up to 20 quizzes and lessons in your library.

Until now, this limit has been flexible and not strictly enforced. However, enforcing a limit on storage allows us to keep most of the platform free for the majority of our users.

What activities count towards my storage limit?

Two types of activities are added to your library and count toward your storage limit of 20:

  • A quiz or lesson created by you
  • Any customized public quiz or lesson that you copied or edited

You can continue hosting activities directly from our community library without customization. This will not count toward your storage limit. 

How do I expand my storage?

The best way to expand your storage is to talk to your school about upgrading to a School or District plan. If your school is unable to partner with Quizizz, you can also consider an Individual plan upgrade.

However, there are likely more teachers using Quizizz than you realize, and our hope is to avoid situations where teachers have to pay for an individual upgrade. To this end, our team works with administrators, department heads, tech coaches, and other leaders every day.

How do I free up storage?

There are two options to free up storage space in your library and create more activities. 

  1. Archiving: you can choose to archive activities you are no longer using. These get stored for you until you or your school decide to upgrade. Archived activities cannot be edited or hosted, but you will regain full access to them once you upgrade.
  2. Permanently deleting activities: You can choose to delete activities you are no longer using to create storage space for fresh activities.

We recommend archiving your activities so they are available to you if you or your school decide to upgrade in the future. 

How do I know if I am about to exceed library limits?

If you are approaching library limits, a warning message will appear in your library to alert you. We will also be sending you emails as you draw closer to the limit. 

What happens when I hit the limit of 20?

Don’t worry! If you have hit the limit of 20 activities, you can continue to use Quizizz without an upgrade. 

While you will not be able to create more activities until you free up storage, you can directly host your own activities or any number of activities from the Public Library. To customize and create more activities, you can choose to free up storage space.

What happens to my existing activities if I am above the limit of 20?

In order to retain access to all of your activities we have added a Lifetime Access tab to your library. All your activities (apart from your 20 most recent activities) will be found under the Lifetime Access tab. Your 20 most recent activities will be under the Published tab. Learn more here.

Is there a limit to the number of times I can use an activity with my students?

No, you can reuse a quiz or lesson and host it live or asynchronously as many times as you like.

Why do these storage limits exist?

We're thrilled to be able to support teachers and students in 90% of U.S. schools and around the world. Partnering with schools and districts to provide unlimited storage and unlock the full potential of Quizizz helps us pursue our mission sustainably while keeping the platform 100% free for millions of teachers and students.

Upgrade now to get more storage!

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