Library Storage — Is there a limit to the number of quizzes and lessons I can create?

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As a teacher on a basic plan, you can store up to 20 quizzes and lessons in your library. You can also use any activity in our community library—just keep in mind that if you copy and edit a public activity to customize it, it will be added to your library. 

How do I get more storage?

To get more storage, please talk to your school about upgrading to a school or district plan. If your school is not able to partner with Quizizz, you can also consider an individual plan upgrade. However, there are probably more teachers using Quizizz than you realize and our hope is to avoid situations where teachers have to pay for an individual upgrade. Our team works with administrators, department heads, tech coaches, and other leaders every day.

What happens if I exceed library limits?

When you come close to exceeding library limits, you'll start to see a warning within your library. When you exceed limits, you won't be immediately blocked from using Quizizz in any way and still have the option to remove items you're no longer using from your library.

Is there a limit to the number of times I can use a quiz or lesson with my students?
No, you can reuse a quiz or lesson to host live or asynchronous activities as many times as you like.

Why do these storage limits exist?
We're thrilled to be able to support millions of teachers and students across the United States and around world. Partnering with Schools and Districts to provide unlimited storage and unlock the full potential of Quizizz helps us pursue our mission sustainably while keeping the platform 100% free to teachers and students.

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