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You could access the publicly available quizzes from the Search dialog box to host them live OR You could create a quiz OR You could combine your set of questions with the publicly available questions from other quizzes 

  1. Click on the Start a live quiz button (there are two modes) on the left navigation pane -
    1. Classic: Students progress at their own pace and you see a leaderboard with live results 
    2. Instructor-paced: You control the pace so that everyone advances from one question to the next
  2. Click on Start once all students/participants have joined the quiz using the code 
  3. Students can click on to join the game. They should enter the code you have shared, along with their names. Teachers can also share the quiz code via an LMS (Learning Management System). Quizizz supported LMS are Google Classroom, Schoology, and Canvas
  4. Once all your students are at this stage, start the quiz. You need at least one participant to start the quiz 
  5. If a student is unable to join due to technical difficulties, they can access the quiz whenever they can, until the quiz code is still active. Students will not be able to join a quiz once it has ended. 


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