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Quizizz is a learning platform that offers multiple tools to make a classroom fun, engaging, and interactive! As a teacher, you can create gamified Quizzes and Lessons, conduct formative assessments, host live activities or assign them as homework, tap into detailed performance reports, and so much more! 

Quizizz has a number of features that enable you to save time while you support learners on their path to mastery. Take a look at some of them below!

  1. Quiz & Lesson editor: Create Quizzes and Lessons by choosing from 18 different question types, adding images, video, and audio. You can also import existing quizzes from your device or Google Drive! 
  2. Quizizz AI: This is your very own personalized teaching assistant, and it is here to help you tap into the latest advancements in artificial intelligence (AI)!
    1. With Quizizz AI, you can Create quizzes in minutes by simply tying in a prompt or pasting the URL of a YouTube video.
    2. You can also Enhance quizzes to differentiate them, translate the language, or make them more fun and engaging.
  3. Quizizz Library: Here, you can access thousands of publicly available quizzes and lessons created by teachers just like you! Host them directly from the Library, copy and edit them to customize as per your needs or teleport specific questions into your own activities. 
  4. Multiple ways to host and assign: On Quizizz, you can host your activity live or assign it as homework for students to complete on their own schedules. Choose between several engaging game modes, including Live, Classic, Student-paced, Instructor-paced, Paper Mode, Mastery Peak, Test mode, and so much more! 
  5. Reports: Get detailed class-level and student-level insights for every quiz or lesson you conduct. You can edit, download, print, and even share these reports with parents/ guardians to monitor progress.
  6. Bring Your Own Device (BYOD): Students always see the content on their own devices, be it PCs, laptops, or smartphones
    1. No student devices? No problem! With Quizizz Paper Mode, students can hold up specialized QR codes to answer a question. All you need to do is scan these cards with your mobile phone to record their answers! To learn more, refer to our Quick Guide to Quizizz Paper Mode.
  7. Sharing & Collaboration: Share your activity with other teachers so you can co-create Quizzes and Lessons! You can also create Teams on Quizizz so you and your fellow instructors can access a common repository of activities.
  8. Sync with LMSs: You can seamlessly integrate Quizizz with your preferred LMS, including Google Classroom, Schoology, and Canvas. This enables you to assign activities and update grades and reports with ease. 


If you're looking to use Quizizz in a corporate setting, check out Quizizz for Work! It's ideal for engaging your employees, customers, and clients with gamified content. And, it offers the perfect solution to your onboarding and training needs.

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