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As of August 2023, most features of the Quizizz x Google Classroom Integration are only available on the Quizizz School and District Plans.

A note for Super (Individual) Plan users:

In August 2022, we extended full access to the Google Classroom integration for our valued Super (Individual) Plan users until 2023 renewals. The Google Classroom extension will come to an end with your next renewal, as we're making the update consistent across paid accounts to keep individual access to Quizizz affordable.  

We understand that this feature has been important to you. With this advanced notice, our goal is to give you time to learn more and prepare to continue using Quizizz to its fullest potential.

What can I do for continued access to the Google Classroom integration?

To get unrestricted access to the full integration, please talk to your school about upgrading to a School or District Plan. There are likely to be other teachers in your organization who also use Quizizz and would benefit from this upgrade. Our team works with administrators, department heads, and tech coaches every day to find the right plan for your organization’s teaching and learning goals.

What exactly will change after my next renewal?

The following table outlines the functionality and availability of the Google Classroom integration after the August 2023 update is effective across all paid plans.

Functionality Quizizz Basic Plan& Super (Individual) Plan Quizizz School & District Plan
Assigning activities through Google Classroom
Automatic syncing of your class lists from Google Classroom to Quizizz

Automatic syncing of grades from Quizizz to Google Classroom 

Accessing your student rosters
(Viewing your Google Classroom(s) on Quizizz)
Tracking individual and class performance data over a period of time
Adding a custom grade while assigning an activity


Note that you will not lose any data in your reports on Quizizz or Google Classroom from your previous activities. Your access to the full integration will not change until your next renewal date. 

Find more details about the Quizizz x Google Classroom Integration here

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