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Mastery Peak is a live game mode on Quizizz where students answer questions as they make their way to the top of a mountain. This game mode combines practice through spaced repetition with gamification to create an engaging learning experience. 

In the Mastery Peak mode, students aim to achieve an accuracy goal by reattempting incorrectly answered questions. They also get to use Power-Ups and overcome challenges at regular intervals by playing mini games.

Teachers can observe their students' progress in real-time with the live dashboard. The dashboard displays the students' positions on the various leaderboard tiers and shows the number of questions that have been reattempted. 

With this game mode, students can achieve mastery together while being challenged or assisted as per their needs. Those who lead the pack up the mountain can tackle obstacles to clear the path for their peers. Meanwhile, those who require more support can boost their performance with Power-Ups.

Hosting a Quiz

To host a live quiz in Mastery Peak mode, follow these steps: 

  1. Select a quiz to host. You can
    1. create a new quiz, or
    2. choose one of your existing quizzes under 'My Library', or
    3. select any of the quizzes created by the teacher community on Quizizz  
  2. Ensure that your quiz has at least 10 questions 
  3. Click on 'Start now' and choose the 'Mastery Peak' option 
  4. Set a mastery goal for the quiz by adjusting the value on the slider. The minimum mastery goal is 60%, and the default mastery goal is 80% 
  5. Review the remaining game settings and click on 'Start' 
  6. Share the quiz link or game code with your students. You can also click on the 'Show QR' button to display a QR code that your students can scan on their devices to join the quiz. If you have assigned the quiz to any of your classes, your students will automatically receive a link to join the quiz 

On the right-hand side of the quiz lobby screen, you will see the option to change the theme of the Mastery Peak. You can choose from these available themes:

  • Mt. Quizizz
  • Mt. Fuji
  • Mt. Kilimanjaro

As your participants join the quiz, you can see their avatars line up at the bottom of your screen. Once all your participants have joined, click on 'Start'. 

Student's Experience  

NEW: Now, students can customize their avatars and select their gear, helmets, and more, as they embark on an epic journey, scaling the peaks of knowledge! :rocket::snow_capped_mountain::male_mage::school_satchel:

Once the quiz begins, students can start attempting the questions. They will be shown a bar at the top of their screen that displays their progress, along with the position they occupy within their respective leaderboard tiers. 


At regular intervals, students will enter a Cave of Choices that functions as a break room. Here, they will encounter either Power-Ups or obstacles. Power-Ups boost performance by eliminating incorrect options, providing an extra chance, doubling the points awarded, etc. 


The obstacles in the Cave of Choices include mini games and challenges such as navigating landslides and deflecting bats. To learn more about these mini games, click here


If a student answers a question incorrectly, the question will reappear after some time and they will be able to attempt it again. 


If students are stuck with a particular question, they have the option of skipping it so it is not shown to them again. They can do this by clicking on the 'Pass' button.

The 'Pass' button--

  • will be displayed from the first attempt onwards for Audio Response and Video Response questions
  • will be displayed from the third attempt onwards for MCQs with multiple correct answers, Match, Reorder, Drag & Drop, Drop-Down, Math Response, Labeling, Hotspot, and Graphing questions.  
  • will not be displayed for MCQs with a single correct answer, Open-Ended, Draw, and Poll questions. 


Once students reach the mastery goal set for the quiz, they can continue to answer questions until they reach the top of the mountain or achieve 100% accuracy. 

At the end of the quiz, students will be able to view their results and performance statistics. 


Teacher's Experience

While your students attempt the quiz, the live dashboard will show you their progress as they make their way up the mountain. It will also display the number of questions reattempted, the number of students who have attained mastery, and the positions students occupy within the tiered leaderboard. 


At the end of the quiz, students will be awarded titles such as Top Scorer, Fastest Climber, Warrior (most number of obstacles overcome), and Hustler (most number of questions reattempted).

You will also be shown a summary of your students' performance. This summary screen will display the overall class accuracy and the improvement in accuracy via repetitions. It will also show the average number of attempts per question. 


You can find a detailed report for the quiz under the ‘Reports’ section on the left navigation pane. To view results with or without the reattempts, toggle the ‘Show report with repeated attempts’ option. You can edit download, print, or share this report with other stakeholders. 



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