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Review & Submit gives students the opportunity to mark questions for review so they can return to them at the end of a quiz. It allows them to view and edit their answers before submitting a quiz.

This option is available for quizzes conducted in Test Mode. It enables students to answer questions according to their strengths and in the order of their preference, reducing test-taking anxiety.

Review & Submit is available on the Quizizz School & District Plan. 

To enable Review & Submit, follow these steps: 

  1. Select a quiz to host. You can
    1. create a new quiz, or
    2. choose one of your existing quizzes under 'My Library', or
    3. select any of the quizzes created by the teacher community on Quizizz 
  2. Click on 'Start a live quiz' and select the 'Classic' option 
  3. Select 'Test' mode
  4. Under 'Advanced Features', toggle Review & Submit to enable it 


  5. Review the remaining settings on the page and click on 'Continue' 
  6. Share the game code or quiz link with your students. If you assigned the quiz to your students via Classes, they will automatically receive a link to join the quiz


  1. Enabling Review & Submit will automatically disable Show Answers During Activity and Question Timer
  2. If Skip Questions is enabled, students will be able to attempt the questions they skipped at the end of the quiz. Students will also have the option to submit the quiz without attempting the skipped questions 

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