What is Premium Question Month?

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We have launched some brand new question types on Quizizz as part of our Premium offering. We want our teachers to try these question types in the classroom to:

  • encourage critical thinking
  • boost student confidence and
  • make practice for summative assessments fun

We currently have the following premium questions: 

  • Match 
  • Reorder
  • Drag & Drop 
  • Drop-down
  • Hotspot and Labelling
  • Graphing
  • Categorize
  • Comprehension
  • Audio and Video Response 
  • Math Response  

About Premium Question Month

During Premium Question Month, users who are not on a premium plan can also use any of the question types listed above for free! 

Here’s everything you need to know:

  • Teachers can create any number of Assessments/Quizzes during this duration using any question type.
  • Teachers can play any number of games during and after Premium Question Month with the Assessments/Quizzes created in this period. You will lose access to creating and editing premium question types after Premium Question Month ends. 
  • Importing premium questions from other Assessments/Quizzes is not included in Premium Question Month. 

When is Premium Question Month?

Premium Question Month extends from October 9th to November 10th, 2023. 


Who can participate in Premium Question Month?

All Quizizz users who are not on premium plans can get the benefits of Premium Question Month.

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