Nudge Students to Reattempt a Quiz on Google Classroom

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Nudge your students to reattempt a homework quiz assigned to their class on Google Classroom. This enables you to identify students who would benefit from more practice and assign them work without notifying their peers. 

Nudge to Reattempt is available for those who have linked their Quizizz and Google Classroom accounts on the Quizizz School & District Plans

To prompt selected students to reattempt a quiz, follow these steps:  

Pre-requisite: A quiz needs to have been assigned to one of your classes on Google Classroom. To learn more about this, click here

  1. Click on 'Reports' on the left navigation pane 
  2. Select the quiz you wish to reassign 
  3. Scroll to the bottom of the page to view the list of students who have been assigned the quiz 


  4. Click on the double arrow icon to nudge a particular student to reattempt the quiz
  5. If a student has not attempted the quiz yet, you can click the double arrow icon to prompt them to do so 
  6. Click on the 'Reattempt' button to view your options for nudging multiple students at once. Note that this button will not be visible if none of your students have attempted the quiz yet
  7. Filter your students by
    1. those with accuracy less than 30% 
    2. those with accuracy less than 60% 
    3. those with accuracy less than 80% 
    4. those who have not yet attempted the quiz
  8. Select the names of all the students you would like to prompt and click on 'Nudge'


  9. These nudges will be posted under the 'Stream' tab for your class on Google Classroom. They will be visible only to you and the students you nudged


Once the selected students reattempt the quiz, the results from their fresh attempt will be visible in the report.


  1. Each student can only be nudged once. Refreshing your browser window will allow you to nudge them once again.  
  2. If you set a limit to the number of participant attempts while assigning a quiz and a student has already reached the maximum limit for attempts, they cannot be nudged to reattempt the quiz 

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