Can I bulk download the Quizizz iOS App for the entire class?

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Quizizz Student App is now available in the App Store as a free app and can be installed on all the student iOS devices with a simple click.

If you are an admin and have the permission for volume purchase at your organization. You can follow these simple instructions to install the app on all the student devices. Quizizz is available as a free app on the Volume Purchase Program on iTunes.

Step 1: Go to



Step 2: Search for Quizizz App in the Search to find the App



Step 3: Enter the number of downloads you want to make in the Quantity field as shown in the image below


Step 4: Once you have entered the enter the number you will be taken to the following screen where you can place the order


Now you can install the Quizizz App for Multiple users in just four simple steps without having to install individually for each user. Please get in touch with us if you face any issue with this.

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