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You can duplicate an Assessment/Quiz from the Quizizz Library to host it live or assign it as homework. 

Follow these steps:

  1. Look for Assessments or Quizzes in the Quizizz Library or search for publicly available Assessments/Quizzes from the search box on your Explore page
  2. Select the Assessment/Quiz you want to duplicate and save in your Library
  3. Click on 'Copy and Edit' on the right

    The Assessment/Quiz is copied and you can customize it as per your requirements
    • You can edit, duplicate and edit, and delete existing questions. You can also add new questions (optional)
  4. Click on 'Save' to save this copy and access it in your Library
  5. Share, edit, print, and delete this copy as per your requirements
  6. You can assign this Assessment/Quiz as homework or host it live

This is your copy of the original Assessment/Quiz, and the changes you make will only affect your copy, not the original activity found in the Quizizz Library.

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