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Quizizz automatically generates a report for every Quiz and Lesson you host as a live activity or assign as homework. These reports contain detailed insights into the performance of your students. 

In a report, you can view the number of participants in an activity, their accuracy and completion rate, the points and scores awarded to them, the average time taken to answer each question, etc. These insights can help you monitor every student’s progress and gauge their understanding of a subject.

Click on the Reports tab on the left navigation pane to access your reports. 

Here, you can sort your reports using filters. You can filter your reports by 'My reports', 'Shared reports', or 'All reports'. You can also filter by classes, date, or the status of the activity (scheduled/ running/ completed). 

Click on the report that you would like to access. At the top of your report, you will find details such as accuracy, completion rate, number of students, and number of questions.

You can click on the View quiz button to take a closer look at the quiz and all its questions. You'll also find the option to share, download, and print the report. 

Scroll down to view the Participants tab. Here, you will find the accuracy, points, and scores earned by each of your students.

You will also be able to see how many questions they answered correctly and incorrectly. You can sort your participants by accuracy, points, score, first name, last name, or submission time. Click on a participant's name to view detailed insights on their performance. 

Switch to the Questions tab to view data on how your students have performed on each question of the quiz. 

Switch to the Overview tab to see the big picture of your students' performances.

Correct answers are marked in green, incorrect answers are marked in red, ungraded questions are marked in blue, and manually evaluated questions will feature an asterisk (*) mark. You can hover over each question to view a student's response to it, along with the time taken to respond. 

Lastly, we have the Standards tab. If you tagged your questions to state standards, here's where you can view your students' performance per these standards. 

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