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Derive student-centric and classroom centric analytics from both live quizzes and homework assignments. You can monitor every student’s progress, gauge the understanding of a subject, and evaluate the learning curve throughout all assignments. 


  • You will get a report for the entire class (students) once a quiz/lesson is completed. Check the Reports tab for more information regarding your class and specific individual students for every quiz and lesson assignments.

  • Each quiz/lesson can be broken down into an individual student’s attempt at a question. Check the Participant’s tab to see  individual scores and the overall percentage result.

  • Check the Questions tab to see how many students attempted the right answer option(s).

  • Check the Overview tab to see an overall summary of how many students got the right answers and how they fared against the rest of the class.

  • Click on the student’s name to check the answers they have attempted (both right and wrong) along with a points breakdown and the time they took to answer the question.

Reports are generated only after students have attempted and completed the quiz.

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