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Quizizz has the following requirements to function correctly:

  • The following domains need to be whitelisted on firewalls (for HTTP and HTTPS):
    • quizizz.com/
    • http://joinmyquiz.com/
    • quizizz.app.link
    • All subdomains of quizizz.com: *.quizizz.com/* (Test No. 5)
    • s3-us-west-2.amazonaws.com/quizizz-destination-bkt/* (Test No. 6)
    • quizizz-meme-bkt.s3.amazonaws.com/* (Test No. 7)
  • Ensure that Websockets are not blocked for socket.quizizz.com on port 443
  • Quizizz will run on any modern browser (desktop or mobile), including:
    • Chrome (recommended)
    • Safari
    • Firefox
    • Internet Explorer 10+ or Edge
  • The browser should support the following technologies:
    • Javascript
    • HTML5 and CSS3 (Test No. 1)
    • Websockets (Test No. 2)
    • Local Storage (Test No. 3)
    • Cookies need to be enabled for quizizz.com and its subdomains

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