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We understand the pain educators go through while using multiple tools with content spread across tools. We have collated a few tools to get all their content on Quizizz.

Import your quizzes and lessons (or presentations) to Quizizz from other EdTech tools you use with your students to make instruction, assessment, and practice engaging. Importing to Quizizz enables you to store all your activities in one place, saves valuable time, and you do not have to use multiple tools simultaneously. 

Here's a list of chrome extensions and tools that you can use to import quizzes and lessons (presentations) from other EdTech platforms to Quizizz: 

  • Get Marked: This site lets you import your quizzes and lessons to Quizizz from other EdTech tools in a jiffy. Note that you need to have an active account with Get Marked to import all your quizzes and lessons from other EdTech tools to Quizizz. Sign up for a free trial here. It supports many of the popular Edtech tools like Kahoot, Quizlet, and more.

We will keep this page updated as we find more tools.

Note: Chrome Extensions are tools that enable you to access applications on Google Chrome that customize your browsing experience. Typically, Chrome Extensions are free to download and install on your personal laptop or computer, and they are accessible in the top right corner of your Google Chrome window, under the puzzle icon. 

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