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The Shared Library on Quizizz enables you to view content (lessons and quizzes) created and used by peers, colleagues, and fellow teachers in your organization. The content found on the Quizizz Shared Library has relevant activites, is perfectly aligned with your school's curriculum, and is easily available for you to reuse with your students. 

The Shared Library on Quizizz promotes seamless collaboration and gives you quick access to premade curriculum-aligned content. You can find a quiz or lesson to assign or play in class in just one click while ensuring the content is up to your organization’s curriculum and quality standards. The Shared Library enables visibility and seamless collaboration across organizations.

District Administrators can see their teacher-created content library and activities created by teachers to engage their students.

The Shared Library on Quizizz is available on the Quizizz School and District Plan.

To view the Shared Library, follow these steps:

  1. From the Quizizz home page, click on the 'View District' button


  2. On the search bar, you can search for specific content created within your district. However, you can also search for content within your library, reports, and the Quizizz library


  3. You will see the number of teachers active on Quizizz within your district and their activities on Quizizz. You can view the list of teachers in your district by clicking on the 'View all' button


  4. Click on the 'Invite Teachers' button to generate a link to share with teachers (within an organization and district) who need to be onboarded to Quizizz. You can share the link on Facebook, Twitter, and Email too.  


  5. View the list of organizations within your district by clicking the 'All Schools' button. You can also view the activities created per organization by filtering a particular organization 

  6. The Manage your District button enables you to onboard your teachers to Quizizz. Refer to this article for steps on onboarding your teachers manually, to Quizizz. Alternatively, you can onboard your teachers using Google Classroom, Schoology and Canvas.


  7. Scroll down to view the quizzes and lessons created by teachers within your district

  8. You can also filter the results using Subjects and Grades
    • The subjects range from Algebra to World Languages
    • The grades range from Elementary to High School



  • If a teacher receives an invite to join the organization or district, they have unrestricted access to all content created by their peers/fellow teachers/collaborators on Quizizz. 
  • As the district Administrator, there are no limits specified on the number of teachers or schools that can be viewed or added to the organizations' rosters.
  • As the district Administrator, you will not be able to view activities (lessons and quizzes) marked as private. Private content created by teachers in your organization or district does not contribute to the activity analytics either.  

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